Importance of Music and the Arts in Schools

Importance of Music in Schools:

“The arts are about the qualities of human experiences.  Through music, dance, visual arts, drama, and the rest, we give form to our feelings and thoughts about ourselves, and how we experience the world around us.  Learning in and about the arts is essential to intellectual development.  The arts illustrate the diversity of intelligence and provide practical ways of promoting it.  The arts are among the most vivid expressions of human culture.  To understand the experience of other cultures, we need to engage with their music, visual art, dance and verbal and performing arts.  Music and images, poems and plays are manifestations  of some of our deepest talents and passions.  Engaging with the arts of others is the most vibrant way of seeing and feeling the world as they do.” Ken Robinson, Creative Schools.

This post shares links to various studies and research about the important links between music and arts education to:
– Overall success in schools
– Improved learning with numeracy
– Improved literacy learning
– 21st Century Learning
– Wellness

This post also shows studies about the strong effect of arts integration into other curricular areas.

Music improves overall success in schools:

New research presents the best evidence yet that taking arts classes benefits kids academically:

Music improves understanding in ALL SUBJECT AREAS. Study:

Music is better for your brain than ANY OTHER ACTIVITY. Studies mentioned:

Music – The Remarkable Effects on Student Success.  Studies mentioned:

And 20 more reasons that Music Education is important:

Music is considered a core subject in the United States:

“….music is an effective complementary approach that supports the early acquisition of reading and writing skills…It is up to all of us in the education community to consider the importance of music education to overall child development and to give a greater emphasis on the use of music in the classroom.”


The Important Links Between Literacy and Numeracy through Music:

“…music education grows, hones and permanently improves neural networks like no other activity. Children who undertake formal, ongoing musical education have significantly higher levels of cognitive capacity, specifically in their language acquisition and numerical problem solving skills. They also continue in education for longer, reverse the cognitive issues related to disadvantage and earn and contribute more on average across their lifetime.”

The Important Links Between Numeracy and Music:


Impact of Music Education on Mathematics Achievement Scores Among Middle School Students:

Mathematical patterns in music:

Getting in rhythm helps children grasp fractions, study finds:

Elementary Teachers Integrate Music Activities into Regular Mathematics Lessons: Effects on Students’ Mathematical Abilities:



The Important Links between Literacy and Music:

A study about the immense improvement in reading skills when students have regular music instruction:

Music education helps kids learn to read — study:

The Relationship between Music and Language:

Front Psychol. 2012; 3: 123.

Published online 2012 Apr 27.

The Connection Between Music, Reading, and Language Development:

How music lessons can improve language skills:

The Important Connections Between 21st Century Learning and Music:

“If the development of a creative workforce is key to our nation’s future economic, scientific and geopolitical success, then educational and community leaders must consider which subjects and activities are best suited for encouraging and developing the creative potential of students. And by all indications, the most effective tool in our educational arsenal to teach creativity is music. “

Music Education and 21st Century Skills:

From musician to physician: Why medical schools are recruiting for musical ability:

The Important Links Between Wellness and Music:

Music as Medicine for a Healthy Brain:

British Doctors May Soon Prescribe Art, Music, Dance, Singing Lessons:

Extra arts education boosts students’ writing scores — and their compassion, big new study finds:

Choir singing ‘boosts your mental health’:

The Positive Impact on Integrating Arts into other Subject Learning:

How arts integration supports student learning: Students shed light on the connections:


Arts-Integrated Pedagogy May Enhance Academic Learning:


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